It is the intention of this page to provide current information about the security and law enforcement issues of unique concern to One Westbluff homeowners. The One Westbluff community lies within the Los Angeles Police Department’s Pacific Division. The Division has its own website that contains crime and other data that will not normally be included on this page unless it is of immediate concern to, or occurred in, One Westbluff. The Division’s website is:


SECURITY GUARD  310-437-9311
The number is staffed by a company member all the time, not an outside answering service.   As always, in a major emergency your first call should be to 911 for police or fire but also call the security guard after. In a non-emergency, call the security guard or the dispatcher if you can not reach the guard.

Per the City of Los Angeles Parking Enforcement: Any vehicle that has been parked on a city street or highway for 72 hours or more can be reported as an abandoned vehicle.

If you wish to report an abandoned vehicle you can do so by contacting 311 or the City of Los Angeles Parking Enforcement at (800) 222-6366 or via their website at

Required information:
Vehicle location (street address, block #, cross street, zip code)
License Plate
Vehicle Make
Vehicle Color

An LADOT traffic officer will respond and if the vehicle is determined to be abandoned it will be towed and impounded.