My Home

1.      Do I need Homeowners Insurance? Yes, it is not covered under the associations policy.

2.      I want to change my front yard landscaping. How do I accomplish that? You will need to complete an architectural application, which is contained in your Community Handbook. See pages 11-21 in you handbook.

3.      Do I paint my own home or does the association take care of that? You are responsible for painting you own home. An architectural Application will need to be completed. Please review you handbook page 22 for additional information.

4.      I want to hang up decorations to celebrate my family’s religious holiday. Is there a rule against it? There are guidelines to holiday decorations, please see page 6 of the handbook.

5.      I changed to satellite service and the technician told me I did not need to check in with the association, he knows what association expect. It is always best to refer to your community governing documents. There are guidelines on page 8-9 in the Community Handbook.

6.      My neighbor seems to violate may of the CC&R’s. What can I do? You can fill out the form on page 27 and mail, fax, or pdf/email the completed form to your community manager. They will share your concern with the Board of Directors, and if valid, send a notice of violation to the owner of that home.



1.      How do I mail my monthly assessments? Please contact Vitco Properties at 310-328-0722. They can go over the various ways to pay.

2.      Can I make my payments for the entire year instead of monthly payments? Yes.


Our Community

1.      There is some disturbances from the LMU Students, what can I do? Please call the LMU Public Safety Department at 310-338-2893 and report your concern.

2.      Can I contact the security if I see something suspicious? Yes. Please identify you name and address so they know who you are. They will add your report to their file and turn into the Board of Directors in their monthly report. They will investigate your concern.

3.      How do I know when the Board of Directors meetings will be held? The agenda will be posted on the community bulletin board at least 4 days before the meeting, Executive Session meetings are closed to the homeowners.

4.      I am a renter and would like to attend the meetings. I have questions and concerns. Unfortunately, the meetings are open to owners only. You should voice your questions and concerns to the owner of the home.

5.      I would like to reach out the community for general communication such as who could recommend a good handyman or who could recommend a nanny service. The management company offers a discussion board, which allows all owners with email access to communicate openly. They only ask that there is no abusive language.